Thursday, December 31, 2009

January Plans


Games/Memory Verse








Jan 5

"Jehovah Jireh" -

God is our Provider

Follow the Leader – Philippians 4:19

Names/Sticky activity

Susan Roberts provides

Ruth & Naomi

Mother May I?

Jan 12

"Jehovah Jireh" -

God is our Provider

James 1:17 – Group/Regroup

Decorated name cards

White snacks that remind us of God's holiness

Jesus – God's gift

Bouncing Challenge

Milessa Peterson provides

Jan 19

Jehovah Nissi – God is our Battle Fighter

Romans 8:31 with hand motions

Make shields

Elaine Vance provides

Israelites vs. Amelekites

Red Light Green Light

Jan 26

Repeat these 5-7 minute centres

Jehovah Nissi – God is our Battle Fighter

Monthly Pizza order

Armor of God – Shield of Faith activity

Helmet of Salvation Activity

Belt of Truth Centre

Sword of the Spirit Centre

Saturday, December 26, 2009

January 5 Plans

Theme: Jehovah Jirah - God is our Provider

Story: Ruth - Ruth & Naomi - Ruth to bring wicker basket
Craft/Science: Names of God - from book
Snack/Journal: Hummas & whole wheat crackers?
Game: Mother may I?

Planning: Group from Dallas will be here Jan. 12

Meeting Minutes

We had a meeting at May's apartment Wednesday, December 30, to work on plans for The Party for next year. We discussed what's working, what's not, discipline, suggestions and planning for January. Here's the minutes:

Present: Kevin, Lisa, Caleb, Carissa, Ruth, Walter, May, Kristin, Daryl. Regrets: Kirk, college students.

What's working:
Regular routines, the larger space, more kids coming, the snack/meal, having more helpers, coloured marks on hands for each group, mixed aged groupings, group leaders, using the foyer as well as the gym.

What's not working:
Kids running into the bathrooms, going up on the stage, playing with the mats, not always enough helpers for group leaders for each group, Dwight needs one on one.

  • Have a designated supervisor for the stage area with a designated activity to be played there (ie. use the nets already stored there - for mini floor hockey).
  • Use the point system to "catch them being good".
  • Have preassigned areas for each of the adults/helpers.
  • Use mats for assigned seating areas.
  • Have a journalling option during snack time.
  • Have more new songs/ song sheets with words
  • Put the organization onto the blog - what's happening each week, who's assigned where
  • Need more props for story time (ie. wicker basket) - looking for more suggestions - maybe a bathrobe?


  • We need to be all on the same page and proactive
  • Have reasonable consequences, a time out space and someone to work/talk 1:1 with anyone sent to timeout. (Time out could be the far couches outside the admin office? - who could be the designated adult to work with those sent there - Kirk?)
  • Mats only to be used when taken down by adult/helper for specific activity and returned immediately afterwards.
  • Respect taught directly - children being disrespectful need to go home.
6:00 - 6:40 Children arrive, are greeted, names on sign-in chart, play in gym
6:20 - 6:40 Older girls (9-11 years old) have special session just for them, taught by Lisa?
6:40 - 7:00 Singing in couch area, children either on couch or on mats, assigned seating
7:00 - 7:05 Split into groups - coloured marks on hands
7:05 - 7:17 1st rotation
7:17 - 7:29 2nd rotation
7:29 - 7:41 3rd rotation
7:41 - 7:53 Final rotation
7:53 - 8:00 Coats on, ready to go home, sign-out on clipboard

Rotations: Story, snack/journalling, games, craft or science - 12 min per rotation



  • Will make up song sheets with old & new songs,
  • Will purchase journals,
  • Will update blog
  • Will supervise doors & foyer during first gym time
  • Will teach new songs during singing?
  • Will organize the weekly plans - who does what
  • Will e-mail May the info for updating blog
  • Will purchase book for small group for pre-teen girls
  • Will teach pre-teen girls (with Kristin)


  • Will develop a star chart, reward system
  • Will plan gym/activity time
  • With Kevin will check on Dwight going to boxing program with Jonathon & Sarah


  • Will teach pre-teen girls (with Lisa)


  • When available will help with gym time


  • Will help with gym time


  • Will supervise stage?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Break

The Party won't meet until the new year. We had 24 kids for our last time before the break. Seeing as we only had six helpers - it was pretty hectic, but things went very well.

If you're wanting to help in the new year - many hands make light work! I'll try to get the stories & activities planned and up on the website before January.