Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The last two sessions

Last week there was a bingo at school on Tuesday night so we couldn't use it. We went back to the park where we met all summer. The only catch was that it was windy and cold. We didn't have as many kids because the bingo was for kids that attend school. I was happy to go back to the Steiners. Their house is small; we were crowded, but there was space enough for everyone. We did a large group story instead of breaking up into groups. It was pizza night, which is always a big hit - and there weren't any left-overs. In fact, we cut the last box of pieces in half to ensure it all went around. I think we likely had more helpers than kids last week, but it was all good.

Last night was a slightly different story. We had at least 54 kids out; and 24 helpers - and two mothers who stayed as well. That's a new record! The weather was beautiful and we were able to have one group outside. Instead of breaking up into four groups, we broke into five - with the group of the oldest boys (who need separate attention) not circulating but staying with Kevin and Greg. We still had groups of 9 or 10, but it was doable. Snack went over well - we had chocolate cake and orange slices. I had brought a 5 lb sack of oranges and cut them into sixths. However, the oranges only lasted through the first two groups, so Jeff ran out to Extra Foods and purchased a second 5 lb sack for us. God is good, because things went well for all I think.

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