Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Report on Last Night

We had 39 children last night (and 17 helpers)! That's a lot of bodies! It was perhaps, more helpers than we need, but because we never know how many helpers we're going to need, we'd always like to have more helpers than less helpers. We can always use more help. Things went as smoothly as you can expect with 56 people there. Snack was pizza and hotdogs. All the pizza went (as could be expected?) and nearly all of the hotdogs. I think there was less than a dozen hotdogs left over. The pizza's donated once a month from Dominos - thanks Dominos. Mrs. Jacobs donated the hotdogs. It was 10 boxes of pizza I think (medium) - that's a lot of pizza to be donated! I think maybe 4 dozen hotdogs? A fair bit of food in any case.

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