Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 30

I didn't make The Party this week. I had gone home sick from school in the afternoon and really wasn't feeling up to going. I felt a little guilty as this is the first time I've missed since I've started helping with it in the fall - but not that guilty as I really wasn't well. I gave my van keys to the girls downstairs who help with The Party as well, and went to bed. (They needed my van because all of the snack stuff: cups, plates, serviettes, juice jug, etc. are in the back of my van.)

Anyway, apparently there were 32 kids at The Party and things went fairly smoothly. That's three weeks in a row that we've had over 30 children. Prior to this, we've been averaging around 20 kids, so that's a big jump. We'll now have a week off because of Easter Break and will start again after the break.

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